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Why a LEGO® Design?

A custom LEGO® build is one of the most playful and unique ways to bring your vision to life and unlock the inherent creativity within your organization. Whether for a team-building activity, creating custom gifts, or commemorating a milestone or special event – the Playwell team is excited to work with you to build something beautiful.

Model Design

Minifigure Design

Set Production

Brand Marketing



Working with Playwell was as joyful an experience as you would imagine. From initial concepts through to delivery, we knew we were in the safest and most creative of hands. We can't wait for the next opportunity to work together again!

Kate Sutherland

Executive Producer, Stink Studios



Every one of our LEGO® builds is custom designed and engineered to meet the bespoke needs of our clients. Our pricing varies depending on the scale, size and complexity of your project.

Let's build something beautiful.

Looking for inspiration? Check out examples of our recent work below. 

Let's build something together!

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