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Personal Commission

This mech is not so sweet

Never say die

Have you  ever had a project you had to abandon for one reason or another then come back to it years later and were finally able to complete it? Do you remember the satisfaction of finishing it? We were very excited to have this happen with the custom LEGO® model of the Sweet Tooth Mech.

After two long years of waiting, we were finally able to bring the Sweet Tooth mech to life. The original client has left the project for dead… Thankfully a new client gave the project an extra life and we were able to make the LEGO® version of the Sweet Tooth mech a reality.

Our client was extremely pleased with the final result, and it was a great accomplishment for us to be able to complete the project that we had started so long ago.

The new design was even more accurate to the original concept that we had in mind, and we are proud of the end result. It was a great journey to be able to take part in the creation of this custom LEGO® set. Finally, being able to see its completion was very satisfying. We were very happy to make the Sweet Tooth mech a reality in LEGO® form for our client and look forward to similar projects in the future.


Custom Design • Instructions • 3D Build • Custom Graphics

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