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Personal Commission

This custom LEGO® set hits the nail on the head: The OBI Hardware Store playset

In a unique celebration of a cherished boss's career milestone, a remarkable gift came to life. Commissioned by a dedicated employee, Playwell Bricks transformed a heartfelt vision into reality - the OBI Hardware Store LEGO® playset.

Working closely with the gift-giver, Playwell Bricks meticulously designed every aspect of the hardware store. From exterior signs to a stocked interior, no detail was spared. Shelves, tools, and even a paint department were replicated with stunning accuracy.

Creating this LEGO® playset was a labor of love, demanding countless hours, an extensive brick collection, and unwavering precision. The result was a lifelike hardware store in miniature.

The moment of unveiling the OBI Hardware Store playset was truly magical. The playset was not just a gift; it was a tangible representation of the shared journey and the countless projects they had undertaken together.

Today, this personalized LEGO® masterpiece stands as a tangible token of appreciation, a tribute to leadership, and a symbol of the remarkable creativity within the Playwell Bricks community.

The OBI Hardware Store LEGO® playset epitomizes the power of creativity, craftsmanship, and heartfelt gifting. It's a testament to Playwell Brick’s ability to inspire connections and create enduring memories that transcend the ordinary.


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