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Personal Commission

This Castle is not so Grim.

Home to Death himself and his queen, Castle Grim is steeped in lore and mystery (and also some very nasty surprises for anyone venturing within).

This custom LEGO® design was anything but grim for our team. It was a fun challenge to explore the multiple facets of this mighty fortress, both literally and figuratively.

In creating this design, we had to look at it more as character than as a castle. The “face” of the castle is composed of flat surfaces as if hewn from the mountain surrounding it. This played well into the LEGO® bricks strengths of being better at building in linear shapes. To create an almost organic look from that though to create the character took some creative solutions. And to top it all off was the small castle which acts as a crown.

The client for the Grim Castle has come back to us several times with requests that have challenged our creativity and this was no different. We enjoyed delving into the mysteries of Castle Grim and look forward to the next custom LEGO® creation for them!


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