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Schooled by the LEGO® Stata Center?

The Stata Center at MIT is a collection of buildings that's hard to miss. Its unusual angles and curves stand out even among the other unique buildings on the MIT campus. So, when a team of LEGO® designers were presented with the opportunity to create a replica of the Stata Center, they jumped at the chance.

The project proved to be the most intricate and complex LEGO® design that the team had ever tackled. No less than six designers worked on various aspects of the project, making it a true team effort. They were able to stretch their creative and technical muscles, delivering a custom LEGO® model that made the client absolutely ecstatic with the end result.

The Stata Center provided the LEGO® designers with an incredible challenge that taught them so much. As a center of learning, it's only appropriate that this project pushed them to expand their skill set. The lead designer on the project even joked that it was now up to Frank Gehry, the Stata Center's architect, to come up with a bigger challenge for them to tackle. “Your move, Frank!

This project is a testament to the creativity and skill of the LEGO® designers who took it on. It's also a reminder that inspiration can come from unexpected places. Who would have thought that a building could inspire a group of LEGO® designers to create something truly exceptional?


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