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Majestic Iolani Palace

Behind the walls of majesty that envelopes the Iolani Palace, there is a deep meaning for all native Hawaiin people. This building represents their legacy and, more to the point, how that legacy was lost, and how they have overcome those adversities to thrive. 

Our client put it best in her own words "For me, this is not just a build. It's where I came from as a Native Hawaiian. It's the pride of the past and the hopefulness for the future for Native Hawaiians. When I look at it, I have a sense of pride of what my ancestors accomplished and also a sense of sadness that it was taken away from them too."

Architectural LEGO® builds, like the marvelous Iolani Palace, are some of our favourite commissions to take on at Playwell Bricks. They’re loaded with opportunities to get creative modelling signature design elements and details, and on top of that, we get to learn a little piece of history – especially with a building as storied as Honolulu’s Iolani Palace.


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