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Corporate Gift

Google Bug Hunters Gift Set

In January 2021, Playwell Bricks was approached on Google’s behalf by creative agency Stink Studios with an ambitious project: to create ten unique LEGO sets and produce ten copies of each one for a total of 100 boxed gifts ready to present to their lucky recipients.

These gifts were destined for contributors to Google’s ‘bug hunter’ program, which rewards freelance ‘bounty hackers’ for uncovering bugs in Google software. Jason worked closely with the Stink Studios creative team over a period of four months to develop the ten sets, each of which was commissioned to represent a specific aspect of a bug hunter’s work. The challenges were worth it for the impressive lineup...

  1.  The Mech: The powerful Google Bug Hunter Mech with cockpit opened revealing the fearless Bug Hunter General.

  2. The 404 Robot: The disassembled 404 bot attempting to repair itself, with instructions to assemble to its fully repaired state!

  3. The Android Bug: Containing a little secret stowaway for a USB inside.

  4. The Google Cloud: Using transparent elements to give the visual of floating clouds.

  5. The Zen Garden: Trouble in paradise in this buggy zen garden!

  6. The Google Doodle: Grace Hopper, a computer programming legend was chosen as the doodle to replicate by the Stink Studios team.

  7. The Hacker Station: This tech saavy minifigure is ready to examine their code.

  8. The Gnu: The foundation of the Linux operating system.

  9. The Puzzle Box: A real puzzle to represent the challenge of figuring out complex systems.

  10. The Bugs: Need we say more?


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