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Building History: St. Mary's Church and Monuments Custom LEGO® Sets

In 2021, brothers from Ireland, MIXIES BRIXIES, welcomed an extraordinary addition to their LEGO® city. This creative duo commissioned a project to replicate the beloved St. Mary's Church and the iconic Pentagon and Clock Tower landmarks in custom LEGO® form.

St. Mary's Church, a symbol of faith and resilience in Westport. The Church has witnessed the ups and downs of the town's history, including a devastating fire. However, the church was rebuilt, making sure that most of the original features were retained.

To build MIXIES BRIXIES vision, we partnered with Way Too Many Bricks, and together we combined both our expertise to bring the St. Mary's Church and Monuments custom LEGO® sets to life. Playwell Bricks designed the set, and Way Too Many Bricks utilized our design to build the set with precision and delivered it to MIXIES BRIXIES.

The completed custom LEGO® model of St. Mary's Church and the iconic town landmarks, the Pentagon and Clock Tower, is a masterpiece. It captures the essence of Westport's history and its unwavering spirit. From the unique architecture that forms the roof to the intricate details of the stained glass windows, every aspect of this custom LEGO® creation is a testament to our passion for building dreams.

When the custom LEGO® set arrived, the town came together to witness the installment in the home of MIXIES BRIXIES. The LEGO® church stood as a symbol of Westport's resilience, its history, and the collaborative spirit of its community. It wasn't just a miniature replica; it was a testament to the heart and soul of the town.

Later, the custom LEGO® St. Mary's Church and Monuments set found its new home in the town hall of Westport. Westport's history will continue to be preserved and celebrated in these remarkable, brick-built creations. The town of Westport now eagerly anticipates what the creative duo, MIXIES BRIXIES will commission us to craft next from LEGO® bricks.


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