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Building Stronger Teams: How LEGO® Bricks Enhance Communication

Updated: Nov 17

Effective communication is the lifeblood of successful teams, regardless of whether they work together in an office or collaborate virtually from different corners of the globe.

In the fast-paced world of remote work, fostering strong communication can be a challenge. That's where we step in. When it comes to team building with LEGOS, you can build effective communication and opportunities for team collaboration.

At Playwell Bricks, we recently had the pleasure of conducting a virtual workshop with Toptal, a top talent agency specializing in web design. As part of this virtual workshop, we witnessed 33 participants from around the world creating a custom LEGO bridge. Such team building activities with LEGO can significantly enhance communication skills and also keep team members engaged.

Team Building Games With LEGOs: How Can They Help?

LEGO bricks are more than just building blocks; they are powerful tools for sparking creativity, building connections, and strengthening communication among team members.

When individuals come together to construct something with LEGO bricks, they enter a shared space of imagination and collaboration. The opportunities for team building with LEGOs are endless.

1. Break Down Communication Barriers

In a corporate setting, employees may feel hesitant to express themselves freely. However, LEGOs provide a non-threatening environment where team members can express their ideas without the fear of judgment. This helps in breaking down communication barriers that often hinder productivity thereby acting as an effective team building activity with LEGOs.

2. Opportunities To Collaborate

When it comes to team-building games with LEGOs, you are challenged to work together and collaborate to find effective solutions. These challenges can mirror real-world problems within the company, allowing employees to practice collaborative problem-solving in a fun and engaging way.

3. Active Listening

Effective communication isn't just about speaking; it's also about listening actively. As part of team building lesson plans with LEGOs, participants are required to pay attention to each other's ideas and incorporate them into the evolving creation. This cultivates active listening skills, a crucial component of effective communication.

4. Perfect For Virtual Teams and Offices

In virtual teams, geographical distances can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection. Indulging in team building activities with LEGOs, you can offer a tangible and shared experience that bridges these gaps, helping team members feel more connected regardless of their physical locations.

Virtual workshops with LEGO bricks present challenges that require teams to work together to find solutions. These challenges mirror real-world problems within the company, allowing your employees to practice collaborative problem-solving in a fun and engaging way.

Effective communication in remote teams is essential. With the help of team building activities with LEGOs, you can encourage participants to actively communicate their ideas, leading to improved online collaboration skills that extend beyond the workshop.

How Can Playwell Bricks Help Enhance Communication?

At Playwell Bricks, we understand how important it is to maintain strong communication in virtual teams. That's why we offer custom LEGO workshops tailored to remote teams, just like the one we recently conducted with Toptal.

Our virtual workshops are designed primarily to promote team bonding and enhance communication in your workspace, thereby bolstering creativity.

Our sessions on team building with LEGOs include challenges that align with your team's goals and objectives, ensuring that they are engaging and relevant. Our experienced facilitator guides your team through the LEGO building process in virtual environments, ensuring everyone is engaged and the line of communication flows smoothly.

After the virtual workshop, we facilitate a debriefing discussion where every team member can reflect on their experiences and discuss how they can apply what they've learned to their remote work.

As part of our partnership with Toptal, we witnessed 33 participants from around the world all excited to attend a virtual LEGO workshop. The results were satisfying as many team members reported improved collaboration on their web design projects and ease of working across different time zones.

Moreover, the workshop encouraged and inspired innovative design ideas and solutions, helping Toptal stand out in a competitive market. By the end, participants felt a stronger sense of belonging to the Toptal community, despite being dispersed globally.

Trust Playwell Bricks For Team Building With LEGOs

Using LEGO brick workshops will go a long way in advancing communication between colleagues in your remote team-building initiatives, as well as encouraging creativity and promoting collaboration.

Recently, our virtual workshop with Toptal demonstrated the importance of fun and games, even in remote working scenarios. That is why it is important to add a bit of play to your next virtual team building activities and events.

With such practices, you can see your team’s communications soar regardless of which part of the world your members reside.

Connect with us to get started and experience the difference!

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