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The Power of Play

Updated: Nov 20

As adults, it's easy to lose sight of the importance of play when our lives are constantly filled with deadlines, responsibilities, and the daily grind. Growing up, many of us believed that playtime was for children and that childhood toys and games were left behind when we became adults. As times have changed, we've realized that play is not just for kids.

At Playwell Bricks, we're all about adults rediscovering the joy of play, particularly through the timeless medium of our LEGO play sets. Play has transitioned from being exclusively for children to becoming a welcomed norm for adults. And what better to embrace this shift at work than our corporate custom LEGO sets?

The notion of play was deeply ingrained in children for many generations. Play is crucial for a child's development since it fosters creativity, problem-solving abilities and social relationships, according to parents and educators alike. Educational toys such as LEGO play sets have long been praised for giving kids the freedom to create, imagine and learn.

As society has changed, our perception of play has similarly evolved. Psychologists and researchers started to realize that play was extremely beneficial for adults as well. It's about improving mental health and creating a healthier work-life balance, not merely about nostalgia or reliving our childhood.

It has been demonstrated that playing, whether it's with LEGO play sets or engaging in other hobbies, has resulted in lower stress levels. It allows adults to disconnect from the demands of their daily lives and find a moment of tranquility.

Play encourages creative thinking. It stimulates our imagination, helping us think outside the box and find innovative solutions to problems in both our personal and professional lives.

Engaging in playful activities can improve concentration and attention span. This heightened focus can lead to improved productivity and better decision-making.

Playing with others fosters social bonds and strengthens relationships. Adult groups, whether centered around LEGO play sets or other activities, provide opportunities for meaningful connections. Indulging in play lets you be fully present in the moment, allowing you to practice mindfulness. This, in turn, leads to enhanced mental health and overall well-being.

So, when and how did this shift toward embracing play as a norm for adults occur? The change has been gradual, driven by several factors:

  • Recognition of Stress and Burnout: With the rise of stress-related illnesses and burnout in the workplace, adults began seeking healthier outlets to alleviate these issues. Play emerged as a natural antidote.

  • Work-Life Balance: The significance of preserving a positive work-life balance has grown more and more prevalent with time. Play is a form of rest and rejuvenation that helps you detach from the responsibilities of your jobs.

  • Pop Culture Influence: Television shows, movies, and books started celebrating the idea of adults engaging in playful activities. LEGO play sets have become a pop culture phenomenon with movies, video games, and adult-focused sets like the LEGO Architecture series.

  • Rise of Adult-Focused Hobbies: Adults turned to various hobbies, including building intricate LEGO play sets, to unwind and tap into their creative sides.

The shift from considering play as the exclusive domain of children to recognizing its profound benefits for adults has been a transformative journey. As we embrace the idea that play is an essential part of a fulfilling adult life, companies like Playwell Bricks are here to help individuals and organizations harness the power of play.

Custom LEGO sets provide a fun and meaningful way to rediscover the wonder of play, whether you're a stressed-out professional searching for a new way to relax or a company looking for creative team-building solutions.

Go ahead and embrace your inner child by grabbing our unique LEGO sets for adults as you let your creativity run wild. Wondering where you can order custom LEGO sets from or make custom LEGO sets? We’ve got you covered!

At Playwell Bricks, we understand that play is meant for everyone and that is why we offer our unique LEGO sets for adults. With these, you can rediscover the joy in your life at any given time.

Contact us today or visit our website to check out our recent projects and workshops.

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