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The Price of Building a Quality Custom LEGO Set Experience

When we meet with clients, they are often surprised at the cost of a custom LEGO® set. After I go through all that is involved, you will quickly realize that there is so much more to the process than might be evident at first.

Our production process begins right after our initial meeting with our clients. We have to carefully plan the design and think about the best way to provide what our clients wish. There are several factors we have to account for. While we have a great relationship with LEGO®, as a freelance business we primarily have to use the secondary market to acquire parts. We have to make sure the parts are readily available, that we can easily acquire them in bulk amounts and that we can minimize extra costs like shipping. This means our designs have to be very efficient and we spend a lot of time analyzing sets to make sure we can produce them in the quantities our clients wish, and also have to take into consideration future orders.

With the design in hand, we have to work with various suppliers to make sure we get the parts we need, have them accurately sorted, separated into sets and quality assured. We have worked to increase our network of reliable suppliers to make sure this step provides the best possible results. Obviously, in this stage there is a lot of labour involved and is where much of the cost of production occurs.

Of course, you need instructions to build a LEGO® set. We take great pride in offering a fantastic building experience to our clients. We have an instructions team that understands what is required to make that happen. Creating a good set of instructions is an art unto itself, and many clients have expressed how wonderful our instructions are to follow (some say even better than The LEGO® Group's shhh). We either provide these in paper form or with a QR code link to a PDF, either way you are guaranteed a great build experience.

To top it all off and complete the experience we can even provide a quality company branded box. We have top notch graphic designers on hand to produce quality box art and other printed materials. We work with print suppliers around the world to get the best print quality available. Branded boxes, especially printed in small numbers can be costly, but they add a great way for you to offer the next level experience to your recipients.

To add even more value, we have lots of extras to add to our sets, like custom minifgures, decals, animations and so much more. Whatever you want to add to truly make your custom LEGO® set unique and exceptional we can make it happen.

As you can tell, there is a lot to consider when we create a custom LEGO® set. At Playwell Bricks we aim to provide the absolute best experience we can, from our initial project discussion to when the sets are built by the lucky builder. We make sure to pack as much value and creativity as we can into each set we deliver. When you collaborate with us, we are sure you will agree!

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