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Constructing Your Imagination: Conceptualizing your own LEGO® set idea

You have come up with an idea for a great custom LEGO® set that you think other people will enjoy. Fantastic! Now what do you do to make that set a reality and market that idea to other people.Creating your own custom LEGO® set for your own enjoyment is wonderful but if you want to create a LEGO®model that the public will want, here are a few guidelines to help you. Identify Your Target Audience Before you begin designing your custom LEGO® set, it's important to consider who your target audience is. Who will be playing with your custom LEGO® model? What are their interests, and what kind of sets do they enjoy building? This information will help you tailor your design to your target audience and ensure that it will be well received.

Research Existing LEGO Sets Take a look at existing LEGO® sets to get ideas for your custom LEGO® set. Consider what makes a set successful, what elements or features are popular, and what sets apart a great design from a mediocre one. This research will help you create a custom LEGO® design that is unique, but still appeals to the wider LEGO® community.

Brainstorm Ideas Jot down as many ideas as you can for your custom LEGO® set. Don't worry about feasibility at this stage, just let your imagination run wild. From your list of ideas, select the ones that you think are the most interesting and develop them further.

Create a Storyline Give your custom LEGO® model or custom LEGO® design a purpose by creating a storyline for it. This will help to make it more engaging and appealing to potential buyers.

Sketch Your Design

Using pencil and paper, draw rough sketches of your custom LEGO® set and its different components. Alternatively, start playing with some concept designs in Studio from Bricklink. This will help you visualize your concept and make any necessary changes before you move on to the next step.

Start building!

In conclusion, creating a custom LEGO® set is a fun and creative process. By following these steps, you can develop a concept design for a custom LEGO® model that is unique, appealing, and engaging. Whether you're looking to create a custom LEGO® set for yourself or for others, these tips will help you bring your vision to life. So get building and start creating your own custom LEGO® set today! For more inspiration on developing your own custom LEGO® set check out the links below!

  1. LEGO® Ideas Program -

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